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Jennifer Bowie, Editor

The Law and Politics Book Review is sponsored by the Law and Courts Section of the American Political Science Association. Reviews are published frequently, and readers are notified by e-mail as new ones are available. The Section has a membership of almost 900 and presently sends the Review to over 1,300 readers in 39 countries. The electronic medium enables us to review almost every book about the legal process and politics, to do longer reviews than are usually published, and to make the reviews available within six months of our receipt of the book.


Reviews from 1990-2010 are archived at Lawcourts.org/LPBR while reviews since 2007 are available at lpbr.net


LPBR Reviewer Database

The LPBR commissions most reviews by drawing on a database of potential reviewers.  If you are interested in reviewing, or if your reviewing interests or contact information has changed, please take a few moments fill out our reviewing interest database form.


LPBR Review Essays

The Law and Politics Book Review will consider for publication thematic essays that address important substantive, theoretical, or methodological issues of interest to its subscribers. An essay may rest on one or several books to develop its theme. The books may be recently published or out-of-print as long as they are readily available in university or college libraries. The essays should appeal to the broad concerns of the Review’s subscribers. Individuals who wish to write an essay are encouraged to contact the Review’s Editor regarding the subject, orientation, and books that will be used for the essay. Manuscripts should run approximately 2500-5000 words in length, and essay drafts will be subject to review by the Editorial Board.


Reviewers should follow our standard style in preparing reviews and review essays.  Please refer to our publication guidelines and stylesheet for information.

Contact Information

All inquiries should be directed to the current LPBR Editor:


Jennifer Bowie
Editor, Law and Politics Book Review

Department Political Science

University of Richmond

28 Westhampton Way

Richmond, VA 23173


email: jbowie {@} richmond.edu

phone: 804.484.1556


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