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Fagelson, David.  Justice as Integrity: Tolerance and the Moral Momentum of Law.

Failer, Judith Lynn.  Who Qualifies for Rights? Homelessness, Mental Illness, and Civil Commitment..

Fairfax, Sally K. and Darla Guenzler. Conservation Trusts.

Falk, Richard, Lester Edwin J. Ruiz, and R.B.J Welker.  Reframing the International: Law Culture Politics.

Falkner, Gerda, Oliver Treib, Miriam Hartlapp and Simone Leiber. Complying with Europe: EU Harmonization and Soft Law in the Member States.

Fallon, Jr., Richard H. Implementing the Constitution.

Farber, Daniel. Lincoln's Constitution.

Farber, Daniel A.  The First Amendment.

Farber, Daniel A. and Philip P. Frickey.  Law and Public Choice: A Critical Introduction.

Farber, Daniel A. and Suzanna Sherry.  Beyond All Reason: The Radical Assault on Truth in American Law.

Farber, Daniel A. and Suzanna Sherry. Desperately Seeking Certainty: The Misguided Quest for Constitutional Foundations.

Farole, Donald J. Jr. Interest Groups and Judicial Federalism: Organizational Litigation in State Judiciaries.

Fatovic, Clement. Outside The Law: Emergency and Executive Power.

Faulkner, Robert, and Susan Shell (eds). America at Risk:  Threats to Liberal Self-Government in an Age of Uncertainty.

Faure, Murray and Jan-Erik Lane (eds.).  South Africa: Designing New Political Institutions.

Fed Law EasySearch CD-ROM. Oryx Corporation.

Feeley, Malcolm.  A Vision of American Law: Judging Law, Literature, and Stories We Tell.

Feeley, Malcolm M., and Edward Rubin.  Federalism: Political Identity and Tragic Compromise.

Feeley, Malcolm and Edward L. Rubin. Judicial Policy Making and the Modern State: How the Courts Reformed America's Prisons.

Feener, R. Michael, and Mark E. Cammack (eds). Islamic Law in Contemporary Indonesia: Ideas and Institutions.

Feige, David.  Indefensible:  One Lawyer’s Journey into the Inferno of American Justice.

Feigenson, Neal. Legal Blame: How Jurors Think and Talk About Accidents.

Feinman, Jay M. Un-Making Law: The Conservative Campaign to Roll Back the Common Law.

Feintuck, Mike.  The Public Interest In Regulation.

Fejes, Fred. Gay Rights and Moral Panic: the Origins of America’s Debate on Homosexuality.

Feldman, Eric. The Ritual of Rights in Japan: Law, Society and Health Policy.

Feldman, Eric A. and Ronald Bayer. Blood Feuds: Aids, Blood and the Politics of Medical Disaster.

Feldman, Noah. The Fall and Rise of the Islamic State.

Feldman, Stephen M. American Legal Though from Pre-Modernism to Post-Modernism: An Intellectual Voyage.

Feldman, Stephen M. Free Expression and Democracy in America: A History.

Feldman, Stephen M.  Please Don't Wish Me a Merry Christmas: A Critical History of the Separation of Church and State.

Fell, A. London.  Origins of Legislative Sovereignty and the Legislative State.

Felman, Shoshana.  The Juridical Unconscious: Trials and Traumas in the Twentieth Century.

Fennell, Shailaja.  Rules, Rubrics, And Riches: The Interrelations Between Legal Reform And International Development.

Feofanov, Yuri and Donald D. Barry.  Politics and Justice in Russia: Major Trials of the Post-Stalin Era.

Ferraro, Kathleen J.  Neither Angels Nor Demons: Women, Crime And Victimization.

Ferren, John M. Salt of the Earth, Conscience of the Court: The Story of Justice Wiley B. Rutledge.

Fidler David P., and Lawrence O. Gostin.  Biosecurity in the Global Age: Biological Weapons, Public Health, and the Rule of Law.

Field, Martha A. and Valerie A. Sanchez.   Equal Treatment for People with Mental Retardation: Having and Raising Children.

Field, Steward and Caroline Pelser. (Eds.)  Invading the Private: State Accountability and New Investigative Methods in Europe.

Finch, Janet, Lynn Hayes, Jennifer Mason, Judith Masson, and Lorraine Wallis.  Wills, Inheritance, and Families.

Finckenauer, James O. and Elin J. Waring. Russian Mafia in America: Immigration, Culture and Crime.

Fine, Toni M.  American Legal Systems: A Resource and Reference Guide.

Fineman, Martha Albertson.  The Illusion of Equality: The Rhetoric and Reality of Divorce Reform.

Fineman, Martha Albertson.  The Neutered Mother, The Sexual Family and Other Twentieth Century Tragedies.

Fineman, Martha Albertson, and Terence Dougherty (eds).  Feminism Confronts Homo Economicus:  Gender, Law & Society.

Finkel, Norman J.  Commonsense Justice: Jurors' Notions of the Law

Finkel, Norman J. and Fathali M. Moghaddam (eds.). The Psychology of Rights and Duties: Empirical Contributions and Normative Commentaries.

Finkelstein, Claire (ed.). Hobbes on Law.

Finn, Daniel K. The Moral Ecology of Markets: Assessing Claims about Markets and Justice.

Fischel, William A.  Regulatory Takings: Law, Economics, and Politics.

Fish, Stanley.  There's No Such Thing as Free Speech.

Fisher, George. Plea Bargaining’s Triumph: A History Of Plea Bargaining In America.

Fisher, Louis.  American Constitutional Law.

Fisher, Louis. American Constitutional Law (5th ed).

Fisher, Louis.  The Constitution and 9/11:  Recurring Threats to America’s Freedoms.

Fisher, Louis. Military Tribunals and Presidential Power: American Revolution to the War on Terrorism.

Fisher, Louis.  In the Name of National Security: Unchecked Presidential Power and the Reynolds Case.

Fisher, Louis.  Nazi Saboteurs on Trial: A Military Tribunal and American Law.

Fisher, Louis.  Presidential War Power.

Fisher, Louis. Presidential War Power(Second Edition, Revised).

Fisher, Louis. Religious Liberty in America: Political Safeguards.

Fisher III, William W. Promises to Keep. Technology, Law, and the Future of Entertainment.

Fiss, Owen.  Liberalism Divided: Freedom of Speech and the Many Uses of State Power.

Fiss, Owen.  The Irony of Free Speech.

Fiss, Owen. The Law as it Could Be.

Fiss, Owen M.  Troubled Beginnings Of The Modern State, 1888-1910.

Fix-Fierro, Hector. Courts, Justice and Efficiency: A Socio-Legal Study of Economic Reationality in Adjudication.

Flax, Jane. The American Dream in Black and White: The Clarence Thomas Hearings.

Fleisher, Mark S. Dead End Kids: Gang Girls and the Boys They Know.

Fleming, James E.  Securing Constitutional Democracy: The Case of Autonomy.

Fleming, Macklin. Lawyers, Money and Success: The Consequences of Dollar Obsession.

Flemming, Roy B. Tournament of Appeals: Granting Judicial Review in Canada.

Flemming, Roy B., Peter F. Nardulli and James Eisenstein.  The Craft of Justice: Politics and Work in Criminal Justice Communities.

Fletcher, George P., and Jens David Ohlin.  Defending Humanity: When Force Is Justified and Why.

Fletcher, George P. and Steve Sheppard. American Law in a Global Context.

Fletcher, Joseph (ed.). Ideas in Action: Essays on Politics and Law in Honour of Peter Russell.

Fleury-Steiner, Benjamin. Juror’s Stories of Death: How America’s Death Penalty Invests in Inequality.

Fleury-Steiner, Benjamin, with Carla Crowder. Dying Inside: The Hiv/Aids Ward At Limestone Prison.

Fleury-Steiner, Benjamin, and Laura Beth Nielsen (eds).   The New Civil Rights Research: A Constitutive Approach.

Fliter, John A. Prisoners' Rights: The Supreme Court and Evolving Standards of Decency.

Flynn, James R.  Where Have All The Liberals Gone? Race, Class, and Ideals in America.

Foblets, Marie-Claire, and Alison Dundes Renteln (ed). Multicultural Jurisprudence: Comparative Perspectives on the Cultural Defense.

Foerstel, Herbert N.  Banned in the Media: A Reference Guide to Censorship in the Press, Motion Pictures, Broadcasting, and the Internet.

Foerstel, Herbert N.  Free Expression and Censorship in America: An Encyclopedia.

Foerstel, Herbert N. Freedom of Information and the Right to Know: The Origins and Applications of the Freedom of Information Act.

Foley, Elizabeth Price.  The Law of Life and Death.

Foley, Michael A. Arbitrary and Capricious: The Supreme Court, the Constitution, and the Death Penalty.

Ford, Carole Bell. The Women of Courtwatch:  Reforming A Corrupt Family Court System.

Ford, Richard T. Racial Culture: A Critique.

Foreman, Christopher H. The Promise and Peril of Environmental Justice.

Forsyth, Christopher, Mark Elliott, Swati Jhaveri, Michael Ramsden, and Anne Scully-Hill (eds.).  Effective Judicial Review: A Cornerstone Of Good Governance.

Foskett, Ken. Judging Thomas: The Life and Times of Clarence Thomas.

Foster, Charles. Choosing Life, Choosing Death: The Tyranny of Autonomy in Medical Ethics and Law.

Foster, Hamar, Heather Raven, and Jeremy Webber (eds).  Let Right Be Done: Aboriginal Title, the Calder Case, and the Future of Indigenous Rights.

Foster, James C. BONG HiTS 4 JESUS: A Perfect Constitutional Storm In Alaska’s Capital.

Foster, James C. and Susan M. Leeson.  Constitutional Law: Cases in Context, 2nd Edition.

Foster, James C. and Susan M. Leeson. Constitutional Law: Cases in Context (1998 ed).

Foster, James and Dudziak, Mary L. Response By the Author, Mary L. Dudziak, to James Foster, Review of Cold War Civil Rights: Race and the Image of American Democracy by Mary L. Dudziak. Reply by the Reviewer, James Foster.

Foster, Kenneth R. and Peter W. Huber. Judging Science: Scientific Knowledge and the Federal Courts.

Fournier, Pascale. Muslim Marriage in Western Courts: Lost in Transplantation.

Fowler, Michael Ross. With Justice For All? The Nature of the American Legal System.

Fox, Merritt B., and Michael A. Heller (eds). Corporate Governance Lessons from Transition Economy Reforms.

Fox, Richard L. and Robert W. Van Sickel. Tabloid Justice: Criminal Justice in an Age of Media Frenzy.

Fox, Robin.  Reproduction & Succession: Studies in Anthropology, Law and Society.

Foxhall, L. and A.D.E. Lewis.  Greek Law In Its Political Setting: Justifications Not Justice.

Francioni, Francesco(ed). Biotechnologies and International Human Rights.

Franck, Thomas M.  Political Questions/Judicial Answers: Does the Rule of Law Apply to Foreign Affairs.

Franklin, Daniel P. and Michael J. Baun.  Political Culture and Constitutionalism: A Comparative Approach.

Fraser, David. Law After Auschwitz: Towards a Jurisprudence of the Holocaust.

Frederick, David C.  Rugged Justice: The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and the American West, 1891-1941.

Free, Marvin D., Jr.  African Americans and the Criminal Justice System.

Free, Marvin D. Racial Issues In Criminal Justice: The Case of African Americans.

Freedman, Amy L. and Stanley B. Lubman. Response By The Author, Stanley Lubman, to Amy L. Freedman, Review of Bird In A Cage: Legal Reform In China After Mao, by Stanley B. Lubman and Reply By The Reviewer, Amy L. Freedman.

Freedman, Eric M. Habeas Corpus: Rethinking the Great Writ of Liberty.

Freedman, Monroe H. and Eric M. Freedman (eds.).  Group Defamation and Freedom of Speech.

Freeman, Jody, and Martha Minow (eds.). Government by Contract: Outsourcing and American Democracy.

Freeman, Mark.  Truth Commissions and Procedural Fairness.

Freeman, Michael and Helen Reece (eds.).   Science in Court.

Freeman, M.D.A. (ed.), with R. Halson (assist. ed.).  Current Legal Problems 1996 Volume 49 Part 2: Collected Papers.

Freeman, Michael (ed.).  Current Legal Problems 1997: Volume 50 -- Law and Opinion at the End of the Twentieth Century.

French, Duncan, Mathew Saul and Nigel D. White (eds). International Law and Dispute Settlement: New Problems And Techniques.

Freyer, Tony A.  Little Rock on Trial: Cooper V. Aaron and School Desegregation.

Fried, Charles.  Modern Liberty and the Limits of Government.

Fried, Charles. Saying what the Law is: The Constitution in the Supreme Court.

Fried, Charles, and Gregory Fried. Because It Is Wrong: Torture, Privacy and Presidential Power in the Age of Terror.

Friedelbaum, Stanley H.  The Rehnquist Court: In Pursuit of Judicial Conservatism.

Friedman, David D. Law's Order: What Economics Has To Do With Law and Why It Matters.

Friedman, David O.  Future Imperfect: Technology and Freedom in an Uncertain World.

Friedman, Joel William.  Champion of Civil Rights:  Judge John Minor Wisdom.

Friedman, Lawrence M.  American Law: An Introduction.

Friedman, Lawrence M. American Law in the Twentieth Century.

Friedman, Lawrence M.  Crime and Punishment in American History.

Friedman, Lawrence M. Dead Hands:  A Social History of Wills, Trusts, and Inheritance Law.

Friedman, Lawrence M.  Guarding Life’s Dark Secrets: Legal and Social Controls over Reputation, Propriety, and Privacy.

Friedman, Lawrence M. Law in America: A Short History.

Friedman, Lawrence M. Private Lives; Families, Individuals, and the Law.

Friedman, Lawrence M.  The Horizontal Society.

Friedman, Lawrence M. and George Fisher (eds.).  The Crime Conundrum: Essays on Criminal Justice.

Friedman, Lawrence M. and Rogelio Perez-Perdomo (eds.). Legal Culture in the Age of Globalization: Latin America and Latin Europe.

Friedrichs, David O. Law in Our Lives: An Introduction.

Fritz, Christian G.  American Sovereigns: The People and America’s Constitutional Tradition Before the Civil War.

Fritz, Christian G.  Federal Justice: The California Court of Ogden Hoffman, 1851-1891.

Frymer, Paul. Black and Blue: African Americans, The Labor Movement, and the Decline of the Democratic Party.

Fuess, Harald. Divorce in Japan: Family, Gender, and the State, 1600-2000.