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Kagan, Robert A. Adversarial Legalism: The American Way of Law.

Kagan, Robert A. and Lee Axelrad (eds.). Regulatory Encounters: Multinational Corporations and American Adversarial Legalism.

Kagan, Robert A., Martin Krygier, and Kenneth Winston (eds.). Legality and Community: On the Intellectual Legacy of Philip Selznick.

Kahn, Paul.  The Cultural Study of Law: Reconstructing Legal Scholarship.

Kahn, Paul W. Putting Liberalism in its Place.

Kahn, Paul W.  Sacred Violence: Torture, Terror, and Sovereignty.

Kahn, Robert S.  Other People's Blood: U.S. Immigration Prisons in the Reagan Decade.

Kahn, Ronald.  The Supreme Court & Constitutional Theory.

Kahn, Ronald, and Ken I. Kersch (eds). The Supreme Court & American Political Development.

Kaikobad, Kaiyan Homi. Interpretation and Revision of International Boundary Decisions.

Kairys, David. Philadelphia Freedom: Memoir of a Civil Rights Lawyer.

Kairys, David (ed.).  The Politics of Law: A Progressive Critique.

Kalman, Laura.  The Strange Career of Legal Liberalism.

Kalman, Laura.  Yale Law School and the Sixties: Revolt and Reverberations.

Kanstroom, Daniel.  Deportation Nation: Outsiders in American History.

Kaplan, Alice. The Collaborator: The Trial and Execution of Robert Brasillach.

Kaplow, Louis and Steven Shavell. Fairness Versus Welfare.

Karst, Kenneth L.  Law's Promise, Law's Expression.

Kassim, Husain.  Sarakhsi÷Hugo Grotius of the Muslims: The Doctrine of Juristic Preference and the Concepts of Treaties and Mutual Relations.

Kateb, George.  Patriotism and Other Mistakes.

Katsh, M. Ethan.  Law in a Digital World.

Katz, Ellis and G. Alan Tarr (eds.).  Federalism and Rights.

Katz, Leo, Michael S. Moore, and Stephen J. Morse (eds.). Foundations of Criminal Law.

Katzmann, Robert A.  Courts and Congress.

Katz, Sanford N. Family Law in America.

Kaufman, Andrew L.  Cardozo.

Kaufman, Whitley R.P. Justified Killing:  The Paradox Of Self Defense.

Kaufman-Osborn, Timothy V.  From Noose to Needle: Capital Punishment and the Late Liberal State.

Kautz, Steven, Arthur Melzer, Jerry Weinberger, and M. Richard Zinman (eds).  The Supreme Court and the Idea of Constitutionalism.

Kaye, D. H.  Science in Evidence.

Keck, Thomas M. The Most Activist Supreme Court in History: The Road to Modern Judicial Conservatism.

Keeling, David T. Intellectual Property Rights in EU Law: Free Movement and Competition Law(Vol. 1).

Keen, Lisa and Suzanne B. Goldberg. Strangers to the Law: Gay People on Trial.

Keeton, Robert E.   Keeton on Judging in the American Legal System.

Keith, Linda Camp. The U.S. Supreme Court and the Judicial Review of Congress: Two Hundred Years in the Exercise of the Court’s Most Potent Power.

Kelley, Donald R.  The Human Measure: Social Thought in the Western Legal Tradition.

Kellough, J. Edward.  Understanding Affirmative Action: Politics, Discrimination, and the Search for Justice.

Kelly, James B. Governing With The Charter: Legislative And Judicial Activism And Framers’ Intent.

Kelly, Kristin A.  Domestic Violence and the Politics of Privacy.

Kelly, Michael J.  Lives of Lawyers: Journeys in the Organizations of Practice.

Kelly, Michael J.  Nowhere to Hide: Defeat of the Sovereign Immunity Defense for Crimes of Genocide and the Trials of Slobodan Milosevic and Saddam Hussein.

Kelly, Tobias.  Law, Violence and Sovereignty among West Bank Palestinians.

Kelman, Mark and Gillian Lester.  Jumping the Queue: An Inquiry into the Legal Treatment of Students with Learning Disabilities.

Kelsen, Hans.  General Theory of Law and State. (This review is also available in French.) 

Kemerer, Frank R.  William Wayne Justice: A Judicial Biography.

Kendall, Christopher N. Gay Male Pornography: An Issue of Sex Discrimination.

Kennedy, David. The Dark Side of Virtue: Reassessing International Humanitarianism.

Kennedy, Duncan. Legal Education and the Reproduction of Hierarchy: A Polemic Against the System.

Kennedy, Ellen. Constitutional Failure: Carl Schmitt in Weimar.

Kenney, Sally J. and William M. Reisinger and John C. Reitz (eds.)  Constitutional Dialogues in Comparative Perspective.

Kenney, Sally J.   For Whose Protection? Reproductive Hazards and Exclusionary Policies in the United States and Britain.

Kens, Paul.  Judicial Power and Reform Politics: The Anatomy of Lochner v. New York.

Kens, Paul.  Justice Stephen Field: Shaping American Liberty from the Gold Rush to the Gilded Age.

Kens, Paul. The Supreme Court under Morrison R. Waite, 1874-1888.

Kenyon, Andrew T.,  and Megan Richardson (eds).  New Dimensions in Privacy Law: International and Comparative Perspectives.

Kenyon, Andrew and Peter Rush (eds.). Studies in Law, Politics and Society: Vol. 34.

Keown, John. Euthanasia, Ethics and Public Policy: An Argument Against Legalisation.

Kerber, Linda K.   No Constitutional Right to be Ladies.

Kerr, Rachel. The International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia: An Exercise in Law, Politics, and Diplomacy.

Kerr, Robert L.  The Rights of Corporate Speech: Mobil Oil and the Legal Development of the Voice of Big Business.

Kersch, Ken I. Constructing Civil Liberties: Discontinuities in the Development of American Constitutional Law.

Kersch, Ken I.  Freedom of Speech: Rights and Liberties Under the Law.

Kerwin, Cornelius M.  Rulemaking: How Government Agencies Write Law and Make Policy.

Kessler, Amalia D.  A Revolution in Commerce. The Parisian Merchant Court and the Rise of Commercial Society in Eighteenth-Century France. (This review is also available in French). 

Kevelson, Roberta (ed.).  Law and the Conflict of Ideologies: Ninth Round Table on Law and Semiotics.

Keynes, Edward.  Liberty, Property, and Privacy: Toward a Jurisprudence of Substantive Due Process.

Keyssar, Alexander. The Right to Vote: The Contested History of Democracy in the United States.

Kiiver, Philipp (ed).  National And Regional Parliaments In The European Constitutional Order.

Kilborn, Jason J. Comparative Consumer Bankruptcy.

Killenbeck, Mark R. (ed.). The Tenth Amendment and State Sovereignty.

Kim, Jae-Young.  Sorting Out Deregulation: Protecting Free Speech and Internet Access in the United States, Germany, and Japan.

King, Peter. Crime, Justice, and Discretion in England: 1740-1820.

King, Nancy J., and  Joseph L. Hoffman. Habeas for the Twenty-First Century: Uses, Abuses, and the Future of the Great Writ.

Kinkley, Jeffrey C. Chinese Justice, The Fiction: Law and Literature in Modern China.

Kinley, David. Civilising Globalisation: Human Rights and the Global Economy.

Kinley, David (ed). Human Rights and Corporations.

Kirkland, Anna.  Fat Rights: Dilemmas of Difference and Personhood.

Kirkpatrick, Jennet. Uncivil Disobedience: Studies in Violence and Democratic Politics.

Kirton, John J. and Michael J. Trebilcock (eds.). Hard Choices, Soft Law: Voluntary Standards in Global Trade, Environment and Social Governance.

Klang, Mathias and Andrew Murray (eds.). Human Rights in the Digital Age.

Klarman, Michael J. From Jim Crow to Civil Rights: The Supreme Court and the Struggle for Racial Equality.

Klein, David E..  Making Law in the United States Courts of Appeals..

Klein, David, and Gregory Mitchell (eds.).  The Psychology of Judicial Decision Making.

Klein, Woody (ed).  Liberties Lost: The Endangered Legacy Of The ACLU.

Kleinig, John.  Ethics and Criminal Justice. An Introduction.

Kloppenberg, Lisa A. Playing it Safe: How the Supreme Court Sidesteps Hard Cases and Stunts the Development of Law.

Klosek, Jacqueline.  The War on Privacy.

Klug, Heinz. Constituting Democracy: Law, Globalism and South Africa's Political Reconstruction.

Klug, Heinz. The Constitution of South Africa: A Contextual Analysis.

Kmiec, Douglas W.  The Attorney General's Lawyer: Inside the Meese Justice Department.

Kmiec, Douglas W. and Stephen B. Presser. The American Constitutional Order: History, Cases, and Philosophy

Knafla, Louis A., and Jonathan Swainger (eds). Laws and Societies in the Canadian Prairie West, 1670-1940.

Kneebone, Susan (ed). Refugees, Asylum Seekers and the Rule of Law: Comparative Perspectives.

Knelman, Judith. Twisting in the Wind: The Murderess and the English Press.

Knowles, Helen J. The Tie Goes to Freedom: Justice Anthony M. Kennedy on Liberty.

Kobylka, Joseph F.  The Politics of Obscenity: Group Litigation in a Time of Legal Change.

Koch, Brigitte C. M.   The Politics of Crime Prevention.

Koenig, Thomas H. and Michael L. Rustad. In Defense of Tort Law.

Koh, Harold Hongju and Ronald C. Slye (Eds.). Deliberative Democracy and Human Rights.

Kohen, Marcelo G. (ed). Secession: International Law Perspectives.

Kojčve, Alexandre.  Outline of a Phenomenology of Right.

Kojeve, Alexandre and Bryan-Paul Frost (ed.). Outline of a Phenomenology of Right.

Kolb, Robert. An Introduction to the Law of the United Nations.

Komesar, Neil K.  Imperfect Alternatives: Choosing Institutions in Law, Economics, and Public Policy.

Komesar, Neil K. Law's Limits: The Rule of Law and the Supply and Demand of Rights.

Kommers, Donald P.  The Constitutional Jurisprudence of The Federal Republic of Germany, Second Edition.

Kommers, Donald P., John E. Finn, and Gary J. Jacobsohn. American Constitutional Law (2nd ed).

Koopmans, Tim. Courts and Political Institutions: A Comparative View.

Koppelman, Andrew.  Same Sex, Different States: When Same-Sex Marriages Cross State Lines.

Korn, Jessica.  The Power of Separation: American Constitutionalism and the Myth of the Legislative Veto.

Korobkin, Russell, with Stephen R. Munzer.  Stem Cell Century: Law And Policy For A Breakthrough Technology.

Koshner, Andrew Jay.  Solving the Puzzle of Interest Group Litigation.

Koskenniemi, Martti.  From Apology to Utopia: The Structure of International Legal Argument.

Kostal, R.W.  A Jurisprudence of Power: Victorian Empire and the Rule of Law.

Kousser, J. Morgan.   Colorblind Justice: Minority Voting Rights and the Undoing of the Second Reconstruction.

Kousser, Thad. Term Limits and the Dismantling of State Legislative Professionalism.

Koutrakos, Panos. Trade, Foreign Policy and Defense in EU Constitutional Law.

Kozlowski, Mark. The Myth of the Imperial Judiciary: Why the Right is Wrong About the Courts.

Kramar, Kirsten Johnson. Unwlling Mothers, Unwanted Babies: Infanticide In Canada.

Kramer, Daniel C. The Price of Rights: The Courts, Government Largesse, and Fundamental Liberties.

Kramer, Larry D. The People Themselves: Popular Constitutionalism and Judicial Review.

Kramer, Matthew. In Defense of Legal Positivism.

Kramer, Matthew H.  Objectivity and the Rule of Law.

Kramer, Matthew H. The Quality of Freedom.

Kramer, Matthew H., N.E. Simmonds and Hillel Steiner.   A Debate Over Rights: Philosophical Enquiries.

Kramnick, Isaac and R. Laurence Moore. The Godless Constitution: A Moral Defense of the Secular State.

Kraska, Peter B. (ed.). Militarizing the American Criminal Justice System.

Kraska, Peter B. (ed.). Militarizing the American Criminal Justice System. Response by the editor; reply by the reviewer.

Kreitner, Roy.   Calculating Promises: The Emergence Of Modern American Contract Doctrine.

Kreml, William P. The Constitutional Divide: The Private and Public Sectors in American Law.

Kreml, William P. The Twenty-First Century Left: Cognitions in the Constitution and Why Buckley Is Wrong.

Krent, Harold J. Presidential Powers.

Kressel, Neil J and Dorit F. Kressel. Stack and Sway: The new Science of Jury Consulting.

Kritzer, Herbert. Risks, Reputations, and Rewards: Contingency Fee Legal Practice in the United States.

Kritzer, Herbert M.   Legal Advocacy: Lawyers and Non-Lawyers at Work

Kritzer, Herbert M.  The Justice Broker: Lawyers and Ordinary Litigation

Kritzer, Herbert M.  Let's Make a Deal: Understanding the Negotiation Process in Ordinary Litigation.

Kritzer, Herbert M. and Susan Silbey (eds). In Litigation Do the "Haves" Still Come Out Ahead?

Krotoszynski, Jr., Ronald J.  The First Amendment in Cross-Cultural Perspective: A Comparative Legal Analysis of the Freedom of Speech.

Krueger, Christine L. Reading for the Law: British Literary History and Gender Advocacy.

Kruman, Marc W.  Between Authority and Liberty: State Constitution Making in Revolutionary America.

Krygier, Martin and Adam Czarnota (Eds.). The Rule of Law after Communism: Problems and Prospects in East-Central Europe.

Kuehn, Thomas.  Law, Family & Women: Toward a Legal Anthropology of Renaissance Italy.

Kuhn, Martin.  Federal Dataveillance: Implications for Constitutional Privacy Protections.

Kull, Andrew.  The Color Blind Constitution.

Kuppuswamy, Chamundeeswari.  The International Legal Governance of the Human Genome.

Kusha, Hamid R. Defendant Rights.

Kushner, James A.  Healthy Cities: The Intersection Of Urban Planning, Law And Health.

Kurtz, Donn M.   Kinship and Politics: The Justices of the United States and Louisiana Supreme Courts.

Kutz, Christopher. Complicity: Ethics and Law for a Collective Age.

Kwall, Roberta Rosenthal.  The Soul Of Creativity: Forging A Moral Rights Law For The United States.

Kymlicka, Will and Alan Patten(eds.). Language Rights and Political Theory.

Kyvig, David E.  The Age Of Impeachment: American Constitutional Culture Since 1960.

Kyvig, David E.  Explicit And Authentic Acts: Amending The U.S. Constitution, 1776-1995.