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Labbé, Ronald M. and Jonathan Lurie. The Slaughterhouse Cases: Regulation, Reconstruction, and the Fourteenth Amendment.

Labunski, Richard. The Second Constitutional Convention: How the American People Can Take Back Their Government.

Labuschagne, Bart C., and Reinhart W. Sonnenschmidt (eds). Religion, Politics and Law: Philosophical Reflections on the Sources of Normative Order in Society.

Lacey, Nicola.  The Prisoners’ Dilemma: Political Economy and Punishment in Contemporary Democracies.

LaCroix, Alison.  The Ideological Origins of American Federalism.

Lahav, Pnina.  Judgment in Jerusalem: Chief Justice Simon Agranat and the Zionist Century.

Lamb, Charles M. Housing Segregation in Suburban America Since 1960: Presidential and Judicial Politics.

Lamb, Charles M. and Stephen C. Halpern (eds.).  The Burger Court: Political and Judicial Profiles.

Lambert, Hélène (ed). International Refugee Law.

Landsberg, Brian K.  Enforcing Civil Rights: Race, Discrimination and The Department of Justice.

Landsberg, Brian K.  Free at Last to Vote: The Alabama Origins of the 1965 Voting Rights Act.

Lane, Jan-Erik.  Constitutions and Political Theory.

Lane, Roger.  Murder in America: A History.

Lange, David L., and H. Jefferson Powell.  No Law: Intellectual Property in the Image of an Absolute First Amendment.

Langer, Laura. Judicial Review in State Supreme Courts: A Comparative Study.

Langer, Rosanna L.  Defining Rights and Wrongs: Bureaucracy, Human Rights and Public Accountability.

Langran, Robert W. The Supreme Court: A Concise History.

Langum, David J.   William M. Kunstler: The Most Hated Lawyer in America.

Lanier, Charles S., William J. Bowers, James R. Acker (eds).  The Future of America’s Death Penalty: An Agenda for the Next Generation of Capital Punishment Research.

Lanier, Drew Noble. Of Time and Judicial Behavior: United States Supreme Court Agenda-Setting and Decision-Making 1888-1997.

LaRue, L. H.  Constitutional Law as Fiction: Narrative in the Rhetoric of Authority.

Latzer, Barry, ed. Death Penalty Cases: Leading U.S. Supreme Court Cases on Capital Punishment.

Latzer, Barry (ed.).  Death Penalty Cases: Leading U.S. Supreme Court Cases on Capital Punishment (2nd edition).

Latzer, Barry.  State Constitutional Criminal Law.

Lau, Estelle T.  Paper Families: Identity, Immigration Administration, and Chinese Exclusion.

Laufer, William S.  Corporate Bodies And Guilty Minds: The Failure Of Corporate Criminal Liability.

Laufer, William S. and Freda Adler. (Eds.)   The Criminology of Criminal Law, Advances in Criminological Theory, Volume 8.

Laursen, Andreas.  Changing International Law to Meet New Challenges: Interpretation, Modification and the Use of Force.

Laurie, Bruce. Beyond Garrison:  Antislavery and Social Reform.

Law Commission Of Canada. What is Crime? Defining Criminal Conduct in Contemporary Society.

Law Commission of Canada (ed.). Law and Risk.

Law Commission of Canada (eds). New Perspectives on the Public-Private Divide.

Lawrence, Frederick M.  Punishing Hate: Bias Crimes Under American Law..

Lawrence, Regina G. The Politics of Force: Media and the Construction of Police Brutality.

Lawrence, Susan E.  The Poor in the Court: The Legal Services Program and Supreme Court.

Lawson, Gary, Geoffrey P. Miller, Robert G. Natelson, and Guy I. Seidman.  The Origins of the Necessary and Proper Clause.

Laycock, Douglas, Anthony R. Picarello, Jr., and Robin Fretwell Wilson (eds). Same-Sex Marriage and Religious Liberty: Emerging Conflicts.

Layton, Azza Salama. International Politics and Civil Rights Policies in the United States, 1941-1960.

Lazarus, Edward. Closed Chambers: The First Eyewitness Account of the Epic Struggles Inside the Supreme Court.

Lazarus, Richard J. The Making of Environmental Law.

Lazer, David(ed.). DNA and the Criminal Justice System: The Technology of Justice.

Le Sueur, Andrew(ed.). Building the UK’s New Supreme Court: National and Comparative Perspectives.

Lebsock, Suzanne.  A Murder in Virginia: Southern Justice on Trial.

Lecce, Steven. Against Perfectionism: Defending Liberal Neutrality.

Leckie, Scott (ed). Housing, Land and Property Rights in Post-Conflict United Nations and Other Peace Operations: A Comparative Survey and Proposal for Reform.

Lee, Francis Graham (ed.).  All Imaginable Liberty: The Religious Liberty Clauses of the First Amendment.

Leeson, Susan M. and James C. Foster.  Constitutional Law: Cases in Context.

Leiper, Jean Mckenzie.  Bar Codes: Women in the Legal Profession.

Lemont, Eric D. (ed). American Indian Constitutional Reform and the Rebuilding Of Native Nations.

Lenoble, Jacque, and Marc Maesschalck. Democracy, Law and Governance.

Lenz, Timothy O. Changing Images of Law in Film & Television Crime Stories.

Leonard, Elizabeth D. Lincoln’s Avengers: Justice, Revenge, and Reunion After the Civil War.

Leonard, Gerald.  The Invention of Party Politics: Federalism, Popular Sovereignty, and Constitutional Development in Jacksonian Illinois.

Lesaffer, Randall(ed.). Peace Treaties and International Law In European History: From the Late Middle Ages to World War One.

Lesch, Ann M. and Ian S. Lustick (eds.). Exile and Return: Predicaments of Palestinians and Jews.

Letwin, Shirley Robin. On The History of the Idea of Law.

Leuchtenburg, William E.  The Supreme Court Reborn: The Constitutional Revolution in the Age of Roosevelt.

Levi, Judith N. and Anne Graffam Walker.  Language in the Judicial Process.

Levi, Michael. Fraud, Organization, Motivation and Control.

Levin, Daniel Lessard.   Representing Popular Sovereignty: The Constitution in American Political Culture.

Levine, Caroline. Provoking Democracy: Why We Need the Arts.

Levine, James P.  Juries and Politics.

Levinson, Sanford.  Our Undemocratic Constitution: Where The Constitution Goes Wrong (And How We The People Can Correct It).

Levinson, Sanford (ed.).  Responding to Imperfection: The Theory and Practice of Constitutional Amendment.

Levinson, Sanford. Wrestling with Diversity.

Levinson, Sanford(ed.). Torture: A Collection.

Levit, Nancy. The Gender Line: Men, Women and the Law.

Levit, Nancy, and Douglas O. Linder.  The Happy Lawyer: Making a Good Life in the Law.

Levy, Leonard.  License to Steal: The Forfeiture of Property.

Levy, Leonard. Origins of the Bill of Rights.

Levy, Robert A. Shakedown: How Corporations, Government, and Trial Lawyers Abuse the Judicial Process.

Lewis, Anthony.  Make No Law.

Lewis, Frederick P.   The Context of Judicial Activism: The Endurance of the Warren Court Legacy in a Conservative Age.

Leyh, Gregory (ed.).  Legal Hermeneutics: History, Theory, and Practice.

Leyland, Peter.  The Constitution of the United Kingdom: A Contextual Analysis.

Leyton-Brown, Ken. The Practice of Execution in Canada.

Liebmann, George W.  The Common Law Tradition: A Collective Portrait Of Five Legal Scholars.

Lieder, Michael and Jake Page.  Wild Justice: The People of Geronimo VS. The United States.

Lin, Ann Chih. Reform in the Making: The Implementation of Social Policy in Prison.

Lipkin, Robert Justin. Constitutional Revolutions: Pragmatism and the Role of Judicial Review in American Constitutionalism.

Lippert, Randy K. Sanctuary, Sovereignty, Sacrifice: Canadian Sanctuary Incidents, Power, And Law.

Litan, Robert E. (ed.).  Verdict: Assessing the Civil Jury System.

Litowitz, Douglas E.  Postmodern Philosophy an Law.

Liu, Goodwin, Pamela S. Karlan, and Christopher H. Schroeder.  Keeping Faith with the Constitution.

Lively, Donald E.  Foreshadows of the Law: Supreme Court Dissents and Constitutional Development.

Loader, Ian, and Neil Walker.  Civilizing Security.

Lobban, Michael.  White Man's Justice: South African Political Trials in the Black Consciousness Era.

Lobel, Jules. Success Without Victory: Lost Legal Battles and the Long Road to Justice in America.

Lock, Shmuel.   Crime, Public Opinion and Civil Liberties: The Tolerant Public.

Lockhart, William B. Yale Kamisar, Jesse H. Choper, and Steven H. Shriffin.  Constitutional Law: Cases-Comments-Questions.

Long, Carolyn N. Mapp V. Ohio: Guarding Against Unreasonable Searches And Seizures.

Long, Carolyn. Religious Freedom and Indian Rights: The Case of Oregon V. Smith.

Los, Maria and Andrzej Zybertowicz. Privatizing the Police State: The Case of Poland.

Lopeman, Charles S.   The Activist Advocate: Policy Making in State Supreme Courts.

Loughlin, Martin. The Idea of Public Law.

Loukacheva, Natalia.   The Arctic Promise: Legal and Political Autonomy of Greenland and Nunavut.

Lovegrove, Austin. The Framework of Judicial Sentencing: A Study in Legal Decision Making.

Loveland, Ian.  Housing Homeless Persons: Administrative Law and Process.

Lovell, George I. Legislative Deferrals; Statutory Ambiguity, Judicial Power, and American Democracy.

Lovell, Jarret S. Crimes of Dissent: Civil Disobedience, Criminal Justice, and the Politics of Conscience.

Lovell, Jarret S. Good Cop/Bad Cop: Mass Media and the Cycle of Police Reform.

Lowe, Vaughan and Malgosia Fitzmaurice (eds.).  Fifty Years of the International Court of Justice.

Lubet, Steven.  The Importance of Being Honest: How Lying, Secrecy, and Hypocrisy Collide with the Trust in Law.

Lubman, Stanley B. Bird In A Cage: Legal Reform in China After Mao.

Lubman, Stanley B. and Amy L. Freedman . Response By The Author, Stanley Lubman, to Amy L. Freedman, Review of Bird In A Cage: Legal Reform In China After Mao, by Stanley B. Lubman and Reply By The Reviewer, Amy L. Freedman.

Ludwikowski,  Rett R.  Constitution-Making in the Region of Former Soviet Dominance.

Lukemeyer, Anna.  Courts as Policymakers: School Finance Reform Litigation.

Luna-Firebaugh, Eileen.   Tribal Policing: Asserting Sovereignty, Seeking Justice.

Lurie, Jonathan. Military Justice in America: The U. S. Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces.

Lurie, Jonathan. The Chase Court: Justices, Rulings, and Legacy.

Lutz, Donald S. Principles of Constitutional Design.

Lutz, Ellen L. and Caitlin Reiger (eds). Prosecuting Heads of State.

Lyles, Kevin L. The Gatekeepers: Federal District Courts and the Political Process.

Lynch, Joseph M.   Negotiating the Constitution: The Earliest Debates Over Original Intent.

Lynch, Michael, Simon A. Cole, Ruth McNally, and Kathleen Jordan. Truth Machine: The Contentious History Of DNA Fingerprinting.

Lynch, Michael J., E. Britt Patterson, and Kristina K. Childs (eds).  Racial Divide:  Racial and Ethnic Bias in the Criminal Justice System.

Lynch, Mona. Sunbelt Justice: Arizona and the Transformation of American Punishment.

Lynch, Timothy J., and Robert S. Singh.  After Bush: The Case For Continuity In American Foreign Policy.

Lyons, William.   The Politics of Community Policing: Rearranging the Power to Punish.

Lyons, William, and Julie Drew.  Punishing Schools: Fear and Citizenship in American Public Education.

Lytton, Timothy D. Holding Bishops Accountable: How Lawsuits Helped the Catholic Church Confront Clergy Sexual Abuse.