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Rabin, Robert L. and Stehpen D. Sugarman (eds.). Regulating Tobacco.

Rabin, Robert L. and Stephen D. Sugarman (eds.).  Smoking Policy: Law, Politics, and Culture.

Rabinowitz, Victor.  Unrepentant Leftist: A Lawyer's Memoir.

Rabkin, Jeremy A.  Law Without Nations? Why Constitutional Government Requires Sovereign States.

Rajan, Rajeswari Sunder. The Scandal of the State: Women, Law, and Citizenship in Postcolonial India.

Rakoff, Todd D.  A Time for Every Purpose: Law and the Balance of Life.

Ramos, Efren Rivera. The Legal Construction of Identity: The Judicial and Social Legacy of American Colonialism in Puerto Rico.

Ramraj, Victor V., Michael Hor and Kent Roach (eds). Global Anti-Terrorism Law and Policy.

Ramsey, Michael D.  The Constitution’s Text in Foreign Affairs.

Ramseyer, Mark J. and Minoru Nakazato.   Japanese Law: An Economic Approach.

Rana, Aziz. The Two Faces of American Freedom.

Randall, Richard S. (ed.). American Constitutional Development..

Ranney, Austin (ed.).  Courts and the Political Process: Jack W. Peltason's Contributions to Political Science.

Raskin, Jamin B. Overruling Democracy: The Supreme Court vs. the American People.

Raustiala, Kal. Does the Constitution Follow the Flag? The Evolution of Territoriality in American Law.

Ravitch, Frank S.  Masters of Illusion: The Supreme Court and the Religion Clauses.

Ravitch, Frank S.  School Prayer and Discrimination: The Civil Rights of Religious Minorities and Dissenters.

Rayside, David.  Queer Inclusions, Continental Divisions: Public Recognition of Sexual Diversity in Canada and the United States.

Razack, Sherene H. Looking White People in the Eye: Gender, Race, and Culture in Courtrooms and Classrooms.

Reagan, Leslie J.  When Abortion was a Crime: Women, Medicine and Law in the United States, 1867-1973.

Redish, Martin H.  The Constitution as Political Structure.

Redish, Martin H. The Logic of Persecution: Free Expression and the McCarthy Era.

Redish, Martin H. Money Talks: Speech, Economic Power, and the Values of Democracy.

Redish, Martin H. Wholesale Justice: Constitutional Democracy And The Problem Of The Class Action Lawsuit.

Reed, Douglas S. On Equal Terms: The Constitutional Politics of Educational Opportunity.

Regan, Frances et al. The Transformation of Legal Aid: Comparative and Historical Studies.

Regan, Milton C. Alone Together: Law and the Meanings of Marriage.

Regan, Tom. Defending Animal Rights.

Reichman, Ravit. The Affective Life of Law: Legal Modernism and the Literary Imagination.

Reid, John Phillip. Controlling the Law: Legal Politics in Early National New Hampshire.

Reid, John Phillip. Rule of Law: The Jurisprudence of Liberty in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries.

Reinisch, August. Essential Questions In EU Law.

Reinisch, August. International Organizations Before National Courts.

Reisman, W. Michael.  Law in Brief Encounters.

Renteln, Alison Dundes. The Cultural Defense.

Revesz, Richard L., and Michael A. Livermore. Retaking Rationality: How Cost-Benefit Analysis Can Better Protect the Environment and Our Health.

Rhode, Deborah. In the Interests of Justice: Reforming the Legal Profession.

Rhode, Deborah L. Access to Justice.

Rhode, Deborah L.  The Difference "Difference" Makes: Women and Leadership.

Rhode, Deborah L. Pro Bono in Principle and in Practice: Public Service and the Professions.

Rhodes, Lorna A. Total Confinement: Madness and Reason in the Maximum Security Prison.

Ribeiro, Mark. Limiting Arbitrary Power: The Vagueness Doctrine in Canadian Constitutional Law.

Richards, David A. J. The Case for Gay Rights: From Bowers to Lawrence and Beyond.

Richards, David A.J. Identity and the Case for Gay Rights: Race, Gender, Religion as Analogies.

Richards, David A.J.  The Sodomy Cases: Bowers v. Hardwick and Lawrence v. Texas.

Richards, David A.J. Women, Gays, and the Constitution: The Grounds for Feminism and Gay Rights in Culture and Law.

Richards, Peter Judson.  Extraordinary Justice: Military Tribunals in Historical and International Context.

Richardson, Henry J., III.  The Origins of African American Interests in International Law.

Richardson, Janice. Selves, Persons, Individuals: Philosophical Perspectives on Women and Legal Obligations.

Richman, Kimberly D. Courting Change: Queer Parents, Judges, and the Transformation of American Family Law.

Riles, Annelise. The Network Inside Out.

Riles, Annelise (ed.). Rethinking the Masters of Comparative Law.

Riley, Peter. Nuclear Waste: Law, Policy and Pragmatism.

Ripstein, Arthur. Equality, Responsibility and The Law.

Ripstein, Arthur (ed).  Ronald Dworkin.

Roach, Kent. The Supreme Court on Trial: Judicial Activism or Democratic Dialogue.

Robarge, David. A Chief Justice's Progress: John Marshall From Revolutionary Virginia to the Supreme Court.

Roberts, Alasdair. Blacked Out: Government Secrecy in the Information Age.

Roberts, Betty, with Gail Wells.  With Grit and By Grace: Breaking Trails in Politics and Law, A Memoir.

Roberts, Julian V. and David P. Cole.  Making Sense of Sentencing.

Roberts, Julian V. and Loretta Stalans.  Public Opinion, Crime, and Criminal Justice.

Roberts, Julian V. and Mike Hough. Changing Attitude to Punishment: Public Opinion, Crime and Justice.

Roberts, Paul Craig and Lawrence M. Stratton. The Tyranny of Good Intentions: How Prosecutors and Bureaucrats are Trampling the Constitution in the Name of Justice.

Robertson, Lindsay G. Conquest by Law: How the Discovery of America Dispossessed Indigenous Peoples of their Land.

Robinson, Paul H. Would You Convict?: Seventeen Cases that Challenged the Law.

Robinson, Paul H., and Michael T. Cahill. Law Without Justice: Why Criminal Law Doesn’t Give People What They Deserve.

Rochvarg, Arnold.  Watergate Victory: Mardian's Appeal.

Rock, Paul. Constructing Victims’ Rights: The Home Office, New Labour, and Victims.

Rodes, Robert E., Jr.  On Law and Chastity.

Rodrigues, Ricardo Jose Pereira. The Preeminence of Politics: Executive Orders from Eisenhower to Clinton.

Rogers, James R., Roy B. Flemming, and Jon R. Bond (eds).  Institutional Games and the U.S. Supreme Court.

Rogowski, Ralf and Thomas Gawron. Constitutional Courts in Comparison: The U.S. Supreme Court and the German Federal Constitutional Court.

Roht-Arriaza, Naomi, and Javier Mariezcurrena (eds).  Transitional Justice In The Twenty-First Century: Beyond Truth Versus Justice.

Rollins, Joe.  Aids and the Sexuality of Law:  Ironic Jurisprudence.

Roman, Ediberto. Citizenship and Its Exclusions: A Classical, Constitutional, and Critical Race Critique.

Romano, Cesare P.R. (ed). The Sword and the Scales: The United States and International Courts and Tribunals.

Romano, Cesare P.R. and Andre Nollkaemper and Jann K. Kleffner(eds.). Internationalized Criminal Courts and Tribunals: Sierra Leone, East Timor, Kosovo, and Cambodia.

Romero, Francine Sanders. Civil Rights Policymaking in the United States: An Institutional Perspective.

Romero, Victor C. Alienated: Immigrant Rights, The Constitution, and Equality in America.

Ronner, Amy D. Law, Literature, and Therapeutic Jurisprudence.

Roosevelt, Kermit, III.  The Myth of Judicial Activism: Making Sense of Supreme Court Decisions.

Rosen, Deborah A.  Courts and Commerce: Gender, Law, and the Market Economy in Colonial New York.

Rosen, Jeffrey.  The Most Democratic Branch: How The Courts Serve America.

Rosen, Lawrence. Law as Culture: An Invitation.

Rosen, Ronald S. Music and Copyright.

Rosenberg, David.  The Hidden Holmes: His Theory of Torts in History

Rosenberg, Gerald N.  The Hollow Hope: Can Courts Bring About Social Change.

Rosenberg, Gerald N.  The Hollow Hope: Can Courts Bring About Social Change? (2nd ed.).

Rosenberg, Ronald, ed. Environment, Property and the Law: Federal and State Decisions and Journal Articles.

Rosenbloom, David H. and Rosemary OâLeary.  Public Administration and Law.

Rosenbloom, David H. and Richard D. Schwartz (eds.).  Handbook of Regulation and Administrative Law.

Rosenblum, Jonathan D.  Copper Crucible.

Rosenblum, Nancy L.  Obligations of Citizenship and Demands of Faith: Religious Accomodationin Pluralist Democracies.

Rosenfeld, Michel.  Just Interpretation: Law Between Ethics and Politics.

Rosen-Zvi, Issachar. Taking Space Seriously: Law, Space and Society in Contemporary Israel.

Rosenne, Shabtai. Provisional Measures in International Law: The International Court of Justice and the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea.

Ross, Hamish. Law as a Social Institution.

Ross, Jeffrey Ian. Making News of Police Violence: A Comparative Study of Toronto and New York City.

Ross, Jeffrey Ian (ed.). Varieties of State Crime and its Control.

Ross, Jeffrey Ian, and Larry Gould (eds).  Native Americans and the Criminal Justice System.

Ross, Jeffrey Ian and Stephen C. Richards. Behind Bars: Surviving Prison.

Ross, Michael Lee. First Nations Sacred Sites in Canada's Courts.

Ross, Thomas.   Just Stories: How the Law Embodies Racism and Bias.

Ross, Willam G.  The Chief Justiceship of Charles Evans Hughes, 1930-1941.

Ross, William G.  A Muted Fury: Populists, Progressives, and Labor Unions Confront the Courts: 1890-1937.

Rössler, Beate(ed.). Privacies: Philosophical Evaluations.

Rossum, Ralph A.  Antonin Scalia’s Jurisprudence: Text And Tradition.

Rossum, Ralph A. and G. Alan Tarr.  American Constitutional Law: Cases and Interpretations.

Rossum, Ralph A. and G. Alan Tarr. American Constitutional Law (6th ed).

Rotberg, Robert I. and Dennis Thompson. Truth v. Justice: The Morality of Truth Commissions.

Roth, Rachel. Making Women Pay: The Hidden Costs of Fetal Rights.

Rothchild, Jonathan, Matthew Myer Boulton, and Kevin Jung (eds).  Doing Justice to Mercy: Religion, Law and Criminal Justice.

Rothenberg, Elliot C. The Taming of the Press: Cohen v. Cowles Media Company.

Rotunda, Kyndra Miller.  Honor Bound: Inside the Guantanamo Trials.

Rowe, Michael. Policing, Race, and Racism.

Rowland, C.K. and Robert A. Carp.  Politics and Judgment in Federal District Courts.

Rozell, Mark J.  Executive Privilege: Presidential Power, Secrecy, and Accountability.

Rozenberg, Joshua. Privacy and the Press.

Rubenfeld, Jed. Freedom and Time: A Theory of Constitutional Government.

Rubenfeld, Jed. Revolution by Judiciary: The Structure of American Constitutional Law.

Rubin, Edward L. Beyond Camelot: Rethinking Politics and Law in the Modern State.

Rubinowitz, Leonard S. and James E. Rosenbaum. Crossing the Class and Color Lines: From Public Housing to White Suburbia.

Rudenstine, David.  The Day The Presses Stopped: A History of the Pentagon Papers Case.

Ruggiero, Kristin. Modernity in the Flesh: Medicine, Law, and Society in Turn-of-the-Century Argentina.

Ruggiero, Vincenzo. Crime and Markets: Essays in Anti-Criminology.

Rush, Mark E. and Richard L. Engstrom. Fair and Effective Representation? Debating Electoral Reform and Minority Rights.

Russell, Gregory D.  The Death Penalty and Racial Bias.

Russell, Katheryn K. The Color of Crime: Racial Hoaxes, White Fear, Black Protectionism, Police Harassment and Other Macroaggressions.

Russell, Peter H. Recognizing Indigenous Title: The Mabo Case and Indigenous Resistance to English-Settler Colonialism.

Russell, Peter H. and David M. O'Brien (eds.). Judicial Independence in the Age of Democracy.

Ryden, David K. Representation in Crisis: The Constitution, Interest Groups, and Political Parties.

Ryden, David K. The US Supreme Court and the Electoral Process.

Ryden, David K. and Jeffrey Polet (eds.). Sanctioning Religion? Politics, Law and Faith-Based Public Services.