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Tamanaha, Brian Z. Beyond the Formalist-Realist Divide:  The Role of Politics in Judging.

Tamanaha, Brian Z.  Law as a Means to an End: Threat to the Rule of Law.

Tamanaha, Brian Z. On The Rule of Law: History, Politics, Theory.

Tamanaha, Brian Z. Realistic Socio-Legal Theory: Pragmatism and a Social Theory of Law.

Tanenhaus, David S. Juvenile Justice in the Making.

Tardi, Gregory. Law of Democratic Governance.

Tarr, G. Alan.  Judicial Process and Judicial Policymaking.

Tarr, G. Alan. Understanding State Constitutions.

Tarr, G. Alan. (editor).  Constitutional Politics in the States: Contemporary Controversies and Historical Patterns.

Tarr, G. Alan, and Robert F. Williams (eds).  State Constitutions for the Twenty-First Century.  Volume 1, The Politics Of State Constitutional Reform.

Tarr, G. Alan, and Robert F. Williams (eds).  State Constitutions for the Twenty-First Century. Volume 3, The Agenda Of State Constitutional Reform.

Tarr, G. Alan, Robert F. Williams, and Josef Marko (eds). Federalism, Subnational Constitutions, and Minority Rights.

Taslitz, Andrew E.   Rape and the Culture of the Courtroom.

Taslitz, Andrew E.  Reconstructing the Fourth Amendment:  A History of Search and Seizure, 1789-1868.

Tata, Cyrus and Neil Hutton.  Sentencing and Society: International Perspective.

Tate, C. Neal and Torbjorn Vallinder.  The Global Expansion of Judicial Power.

Taylor, John B. The Right to Counsel and Privilege against Self-Incrimination: Rights and Liberties Under the Law.

Taylor, Matthew M.  Judging Policy: Courts and Policy Reform in Democratic Brazil.

Taylor, Paul M. Freedom of Religion: UN and European Human Rights Law and Practice.

Taylor, William (ed). The Geography Of Law: Landscape, Identity And Regulation.

Tehranian, John. Whitewashed: America’s Invisible Middle Eastern Minority.

Teles, Steven M.  The Rise of the Conservative Legal Movement: The Battle for Control of the Law.

Terrio, Susan J. Judging Mohammed: Juvenile Delinquency, Immigration, And Exclusion At The Paris Palace Of Justice.

Teske, Paul. Regulation in the States.

Thaler, Paul.  The Spectacle: Media and the Making of the O. J. Simpson Story.

Thaler, Paul.  The Watchful Eye: American Justice in the Age of the Television Trial.

Thaler, Richard H., and Cass R. Sunstein.  Nudge: Improving Decisions about Health, Wealth, and Happiness.

Theoharis, Athan G. The FBI and American Democracy: A Brief Critical History.

Thomas, Andrew Peyton. Clarence Thomas: A Biography.

Thomas, E.W. The Judicial Process:  Realism, Pragmatism, Practical Reasoning And Principles.

Thomas, George. The Madisonian Constitution.

Thomas, George C., III. The Supreme Court on Trial: How the American Justice System Sacrifices Innocent Defendants.

Thomas, Philip A. Socio-Legal Studies.

Thompson, Bankole.  The Constitutional History and Law of Sierra Leone (1961-1995).

Thompson, Dennis F.  Just Elections: Creating a Fair Electoral Process in the United States.

Thompson, Dianne T. Congressional Redistricting in North Carolina: Reconsidering Traditional Criteria.

Thomson, Robert, Frans Stokman, Christopher Achen, and Thomas Konig (eds).  The European Union Decides.

Thornburgh, Dick. Where the Evidence Leads: An Autobiography.

Thornton, Margaret.  Dissonance and Distrust: Women in the Legal Profession.

Tie, Warwick.   Legal Pluralism: Towards a Multicultural Conception of the Law.

Tierney, Stephen.  Constitutional Law and National Pluralism.

Tierney, Stephen (ed).  Multiculturalism and the Canadian Constitution.

Tiersma, Peter M. Legal Language

Tillman, Robert.   Broken Promises: Fraud by Small Business Health Insurers.

Tolley, Sara-Larus.  Quest for Tribal Acknowledgment: California’s Honey Lake Maidus.

Tomasson, Richard F., Faye J. Crosby and Sharon D. Herzberger.  Affirmative Action: The Pros and Cons of Policy and Practice.

Tombs, Steve, and Dave Whyte. Safety Crimes.

Tomkins, Adam. Public Law.

Tomkins, Adam. The Constitution After Scott: Government Unwrapped.

Tomlins, Christopher (ed.). The United States Supreme Court: The Pursuit of Justice.

Tomlins, ChristopherFreedom Bound:  Law, Labor, And Civic Identity In Colonizing English America, 1580-1865

Tonry, Michael.  Malign Neglect: Race, Crime and Punishment.

Tonry, Michael.  Punishment And Politics:  Evidence And Emulation In The Making Of English Crime Control Policy.

Tonry, Michael.  Sentencing Matters.

Tonry, Michael. Thinking about Crime: Sense and Sensibility in American Penal Culture.

Tonry, Michael (ed). Confronting Crime: Crime Control Policy Under New Labour.

Tonry, Michael (ed.).  Crime and Justice: A Review of Research.

Tonry, Michael (ed.).  Crime and Justice: A Review of Research, Vol. 17.

Tonry, Michael (ed).  Crime, Punishment, and Politics in Comparative Perspective.

Tonry, Michael (ed.). Penal Reform in Overcrowded Times.

Tonry, Michael(ed.). The Future of Imprisonment.

Tonry, Michael and Kathleen Hatlestad (eds.).  Sentencing Reform in Overcrowded Times: A Comparative Reader.

Tonry, Michael and Albert J. Reiss, Jr. (eds.).  Beyond the Law: Crime in Complex Organizations.

Topidi, Kyriaki, and Alexander H.E. Morawa. Constitutional Evolution in Central and Eastern Europe.

Tortell, Lisa.  Monetary Remedies for Breach of Human Rights: A Comparative Study.

Touchie, John C. W. Hayek and Human Rights: Foundations for a Minimalist Approach to Law.

Trachtman, Joel P. The Economic Structure of International Law.

Trägårdh, Lars(ed.). After National Democracy: Rights, Law and Power In America and the New Europe.

Trakman, Leon and Sean Gatien. Rights and Responsibilities.

Traver, Harold H. and Mark S. Gaylord (eds.).  Drugs, Law and the State.

Travers, Max. Understanding Law and Society.

Trepte, Peter. Regulating Procurement: Understanding The Ends And Means Of Public Procurment Regulation.

Tribe, Laurence H. The Invisible Constitution.

Tribe, Laurence H. and Michael C. Dorf.  On Reading the Constitution.

Trost, Christine, and Alison L. Gash (eds).  Conflict Of Interest and Public Life: Cross-National Perspectives.

Troy, Daniel E. Retrocactive Legislation.

Trulson, Chad R.,  and James W. Marquart.  First Available Cell: Desegregation Of The Texas Prison System.

Tsagourias, Nicholas (ed).   Transnational Constitutionalism: International and European Perspectives.

Tsai, Robert L. Eloquence and Reason: Creating a First Amendment Culture.

Tsesis, Alexander. The Thirteenth Amendment and American Freedom: A Legal History.

Tsesis, Alexander.  We Shall Overcome:  A History of Civil Rights and the Law.

Tubbs, David L.  Freedom’s Orphans:  Contemporary Liberalism and the Fate of American Children.

Tuitt, Patricia. Race, Law and Resistance.

Tunick, Mark. Practices and Principles.

Turner, Dale. This Is Not A Peace Pipe: Towards A Critical Indigenous Philosophy.

Tushnet, Mark (ed.). Arguing Marbury v. Madison.

Tushnet, Mark. The Constitution of the United States of America:  A Contextual Analysis.

Tushnet, Mark (ed). The Constitution in Wartime: Beyond Alarmism And Complacency.

Tushnet, Mark V.  Making Civil Rights Law: Thurgood Marshall and the Supreme Court, 1936-1961.

Tushnet, Mark.  Making Constitutional Law: Thurgood Marshall and the Supreme Court, 1961-1991.

Tushnet, Mark V. The NAACP’s Legal Strategy against Segregated Education, 1925-1950 (2 nd ed).

Tushnet, Mark.  The New Constitutional Order.

Tushnet, Mark V. Slave Law in the American South: State v. Mann in History and Literature.

Tushnet, Mark.   Taking the Constitution away from the Courts.

Twining, William. Bentham: Selected Writings of John Dinwiddy.

Twining, William (ed). Human Rights, Southern Voices: Francis Deng, Abdullahi An-Na’im, Yash Ghai and Upendra Baxi.

Tyler, Tom R and Yuen J. Huo.  Trust in the Law: Encouraging Public Cooperation with the Police and Court.