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Yackle, Larry W.  Reclaiming the Federal Courts.

Yackle, Larry.  Regulatory Rights: Supreme Court Activism, the Public Interest, and the Making of Constitutional Law.

Yalof, David Alistair.   Pursuit of Justices: Presidential Politics and the Selection of Supreme Court Nominees.

Yalof, David A. and Kenneth Dautrich. The First Amendment and the Media in the Court of Public Opinion.

Yamamoto, Eric K.  Interracial Justice: Conflict and Reconciliation in Post Civil Rights America.

Yanow, Dvora. Constructing “Race” and “Ethnicity” in America: Category-Making in Public Policy and Administration.

Yarbrough, Tinsley E. David Hackett Souter: Traditional Republican on the Rehnquist Court.

Yarbrough, Tinsley E.  Harry A. Blackmun: The Outsider Justice.

Yarbrough, Tinsley E.  Judicial Enigma: The First Justice Harlan.

Yarbrough, Tinsley E.  John Marshall Harlan: Great Dissenter of the Warren Court.

Yarbrough, Tinsley E.  Race and Redistricting: The Shaw-Cromartie Cases..

Yarbrough, Tinsley E. The Rehnquist Court and the Constitution.

Yarnold, Barbara M.  Abortion Politics in the Federal Courts.

Yilmaz, Ihsam.  Muslim Laws, Politics and Society in Modern Nation States: Dynamic Legal Pluralisms in England, Turkey and Pakistan.

Yngvesson, Barbara.  Virtuous Citizens, Disruptive Subjects: Order and Complaint in a New England Court.

Yoo, John C. The Powers of War and Peace: The Constitution and Foreign Affairs After 9/11.

Yorke, Jon (ed). Against the Death Penalty: International Initiatives and Implications.

Yorke, Jon (ed). The Right to Life and the Value of Life:  Orientations in Law, Politics and Ethics.

Young, Alison L. Parliamentary Sovereignty and the Human Rights Act.