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April 2008 Legal Fiction Reviews
 Legal Fiction Reviews

Introduction. . . . pp. 288-290.

Abbey, Edward.  THE MONKEY WRENCH GANG. Reviewed by Darren Botello-Samson, Department of Social Sciences, Pittsburg State University. . . . pp.290-293.

Asimov, Isaac.  I, ROBOT.  Reviewed by Susan M. Behuniak, Department of Political Science, Le Moyne College. . . . pp.294-297.

Atwood, Margaret.  THE HANDMAIDíS TALE.  Reviewed by Kathleen A. Cameron, Justice Studies, Social Sciences Department, Pittsburg State University. . . . pp.298-301.

Campbell, Bebe Moore.  YOUR BLUES AINíT LIKE MINE.  Reviewed by Angela Mae Kupenda, Mississippi College School of Law. . . . pp.303-305.

Camus, Albert.  THE STRANGER. Reviewed by David S. Mann, Department of Political Science, College of Charleston. . . . pp.306-309.

Carofiglio, Gianrico.  INVOLUNTARY WITNESS. Reviewed by Christoph Konrath, Parliamentary Administration, Austrian Parliament. . . . pp.310-312.

Dickens, Charles.  BLEAK HOUSE. Reviewed by R. B. Bernstein, Distinguished Adjunct Professor of Law, New York Law School. . . . pp.313-316.

Drury, Allen.  ADVISE AND CONSENT.  Reviewed by Trevor Parry-Giles, Department of Communication, University of Maryland. . . . pp.317-320.

Grisham, John.  A TIME TO KILL.  Reviewed by Laura J. Hatcher, Department of Political Science and Womenís Studies Program, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. . . . pp.321-324.

Guterson, David.  SNOW FALLING ON CEDARS.  Reviewed by Margaret S. Hrezo, Department of Political Science, Radford University. . . . pp.325-327.

Huxley, Aldous.  BRAVE NEW WORLD. Reviewed by Tracy Lightcap, Department of Political Science, LaGrange College. . . . pp.328-331.

Kafka, Franz.  THE TRIAL. Reviewed by Adelaide H. Villmoare, Department of Political Science, Vassar College. . . . pp.332-334.

Lee, Harper.  TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD.  Reviewed by Richard A. Glenn, Department of Government and Political Affairs, Millersville University, Pennsylvania. . . . pp.335-339.

McEwan, Ian.  SATURDAY. Reviewed by Lynne S. Viti, Writing Program, Wellesley College. . . . pp.340-343.

Melville, Herman.  BILLY BUDD, SAILOR.  Reviewed by Stephen A. Simon, Department of Political Science, University of Richmond. . . . pp.244-247.

Motley, Willard.  KNOCK ON ANY DOOR.  Reviewed by Walter J. Kendall, III, The John Marshall Law School. . . . pp.348-350.

Rowling, J.K.  HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX. Reviewed by Bruce Peabody, Department of Social Sciences and History, Fairleigh Dickinson University. . . . pp.351-355.

Stevenson, Robert Louis.  THE STRANGE CASE OF DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE.  Reviewed by Simon Stern, Faculty of Law and Department of English, University of Toronto. . . . pp.356-359.

Twain, Mark.  PUDDíNHEAD WILSON AND THOSE EXTRAORDINARY TWINS.  Reviewed by Christopher P. Banks, Department of Political Science, Kent State University. . . . pp.360-364.

Vonnegut, Kurt, Jr.  CATíS CRADLE. Reviewed by Stephen McDougal, Department of Political Science/Public Administration, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. . . . pp.365-369.

Warren, Robert Penn.  ALL THE KINGíS MEN.  Reviewed by Susan McWilliams, Department of Politics, Pomona College. . . . pp.370-372.

Wolfe, Tom.  THE BONFIRE OF THE VANITIES. Reviewed by David Schultz, Graduate School of Management, Hamline University. . . . pp.373-375.


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