Section Committees

The Section’s work is only possible because of the service its members perform in a variety of leadership roles and on various committees.

Editor of the Journal of Law & Courts
Tom Clark, Emory University

Editors of the Law & Politics Book Review
Jolly Emrey, University of Wisconsin- Whitewater
Monica Lineberger, University of Wisconsin- Whitewater

Editor of the Law & Courts Newsletter
Daniel Lempert, SUNY Potsdam

Law & Courts Listserv Moderators
Todd Curry, University of Texas at El Paso
Michael Fix, Georgia State University
Gbemende Johnson, Hamilton College
Michael Romano, Shenandoah University

Law & Courts Section Webmaster Team
Shane Gleason, Texas A&M University- Corpus Christi
David Hughes, Auburn University Montgomery
Allison Trochesset, National Center for State Courts

2022 APSA Panel Chairs (Law and Courts)
Rorie Solberg, Oregon State University
Mark McKenzie, Texas Tech University

2022 APSA Panel Chairs (Constitutional Law and Jurisprudence)
Terri Peretti, Santa Clara University
Thomas Keck, Syracuse University

Recruitment, Retention, and Equality Committee
Gbmende Johnson, Hamilton College (co-chair)
Shane Gleason, Texas A&M University- Corpus Christi (co-chair)
Todd Curry, University of Texas at El Paso
Angelique Davis, Seattle University
Alison Gash, University of Oregon
Rebecca Gill, University of Nevada – Las Vegas
Melinda Hall, Michigan State University
T.J. Kimel, University of South Carolina

Best Conference Paper Award Committee
Rachael Hinkle (chair), University at Buffalo
Gwendoline Alphonso, Fairfield University
Amanda Driscoll, Florida State University
Jessica Schoenherr, University of South Carolina
Allyson Yankle, Radford University

Best Graduate Student Award
Maya Sen (chair), Harvard University
Tom Keck, Syracuse University
Banks Miller, University of Texas Dallas
Alicia Uribe-McGuire, University of Illinois
Sonu Bedi, Dartmouth University

Best Journal Article Award
Pamela Corley (chair), Southern Methodist University
Miles Armaly, University of Mississippi
Christina Boyd, University of Georgia
Maureen Stobb, Georgia Southern University
Whitney Taylor, San Francisco State University

Service Award
Christine Harrington (chair), New York University
Todd Curry, University of Texas El Paso
Virginia Hettinger, University of Connecticut
David Klein, Eastern Michigan University
Eric Lomazoff, Villanova University

Teaching and Mentoring Award
Carol Nackenoff (chair), Swarthmore College
Scott Boddery, Gettysburg College
Jamie Rowen, University of Massachusetts
Chris Tecklenburg, Georgia Southern University
Kirsten Widner, University of Tennessee

Lasting Contribution Award
Brett Curry (chair), Georgia Southern University
Justin Crowe, Williams College
Charles Epp, University of Kansas
Ellen Key, Appalachian State University
Alyx Mark, Wesleyan University

C. Herman Pritchett Book Award
Kathleen Tipler (chair) Oklahoma University
Michael Dichio, University of Utah
Beth Henschen, Eastern Michigan University
Abigail Matthews, University at Buffalo
Michael Salomone, Washington State University
Stephan Stohler, University at Albany

Lifetime Achievement Award
Isaac Unuh (chair), University of North Carolina
Larry Baum, The Ohio State University
Kimberly Fletcher, San Diego State University
Melinda Gann Hall, Michigan State University
Marie Provine, Arizona State University