Virtual Brownbags

Many members of the Section work at institutions where they may be the only law and courts scholar or where travel funds limit their ability to see cutting edge research. To help connect law and courts scholars across the discipline and improve the quality and visibility of forthcoming work, the Section holds virtual brownbag sessions throughout the calendar year. These events are free and highlight the work of our diverse membership. These events are announced on the Section’s social media platforms in addition to the listserv. Below, you will find a list of upcoming brownbag events in addition to an archive of our previous sessions.

Upcoming Brownbags

The Politics of U.S. State Courts
Friday, November 19th. 1:00PM (EST)
Discussant: Melinda Gann Hall

“Examining the Interconnectedness of State High Court Twitter.” Todd Curry, Michael Fix, and Michael Romano

 “Effects of News and Contributions on the Public Interest of State Supreme Court Candidates.”: Marcy Shieh

“Diversity among the Chief Justices: Professional Experiences and Personal Characteristics.”: Teena Wilhelm and Richard Vining

Zoom Meeting Link:
Zoom Meeting ID: 885 3075 1097

Previous Brownbags