About Us

Founded in 1983, the Law & Courts section of the American Political Science Association (APSA) seeks to promote interest in teaching and research in the areas of law and the judicial process. With more than 600 members, Law & Courts is one of the APSA's largest sections.  

Yearly membership dues: $22.00 for students and $25.00 for other members. Subscription to the Journal of Law and Courts included with membership. To sign up please visit the APSA website.

In addition to this website, the section maintains a public discussion list - LAWCOURT-L, a peer-reviewed journal - Journal of Law and Courts , a widely read on-line book review - Law and Politics Book Review, and a section newsletter published multiple times each year - Law and Courts Newsletter.

Section members are encouraged to join us each year for the section business meeting held during the annual conference of the American Political Science Associaiton. Section awards are presented, business is conducted, and a reception follows the event.

Section Chair

Isaac Unah
University of North Carolina